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Name's Robbie. I like to write, I love to sing. More than that, I love to write things to sing. I've got issues, and I know it, and i believe I'm a better man for recognizing them. Robbie, The self-proclaimed dark thinking, hopeless romantic singer /songwriter who can never make up his mind on anything and questions everything else.


I turn 21 I’m going to be poor. I think I’m developing a drinking problem.


My friends mom is 4’9 and her dad is 6’5. Whenever she is mad at him, she grabs a chair to yell in his face. Everytime that happens, he’s laughing too hard for her to stay mad. They say it’s the only way they’ve been married for so long.

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You guys

are all I have left in this world.

who am i?
I drink to ease the day
I do drugs to forget
I never study anymore
I used to laugh at everything
I cant remember last words i said
I remember us clearly I remember everything as if it was yesterday but I am sad in every way.

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life is shitty. Two for two on the getting shit on by people you’re ready to give your life to. Go team.